कस्तियाँ रह जाती हैं तूफान चले जाते हैं;Opt for a calming setting with tiny distractions, but somewhere you might perhaps slide asleep. Center on the simple believed you wish to meditate on. Sit in a relaxed and upright placement.Split out of your respective outdated habits. The uncons… Read More

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"मुर्गे ने कहा, "तोबा! मेरी जाति कभी झूठ नहीं बोलती। भला यह कैसे सम्भव हो सकता है? असली बात यह है कि वह गुलाम खरीदार के पास जाकर मर गया और ख… Read More

Murphy proposes that the religious affiliation isn't what makes prayer helpful. Alternatively, it relies in your skill and willingness to accept what you pray.A relevant belief is that a certain critical mass of those with a remarkably spiritual consciousness will bring about a sudden improve in the whole populace.[3] And that human beings Use a re… Read More

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